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China Wood-based Panel Equipment Development and Technology Innovation Forum Held in Beijing
On the afternoon of February 26, 2014, the "China Wood-based Panel Equipment Development and Technology Innovation Forum" was held at the China International Exhibition Center (Old China Exhibition). This forum is sponsored by China Forestry Machinery Association, co-organized by China Forestry Machinery Association Wood-based Panel Machinery Branch and Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. And has won the strong support of China Fuma Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jebsen Enterprise Management Group Co., Ltd., Sanmenxia Yilong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and other units.
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New composite materials are expected to solve the fire problem
In recent years, my country has become one of the fastest-growing countries in the construction industry in the world. It is expected that my country will account for 29% of the global insulation materials market in 2014. At present, my country is the country with the largest demand for insulation materials in the world.
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Green bamboo and wood material certification system will be introduced soon
A few days ago, China Wood Protection Industry Association identified the main points of work in 2014. In order to cooperate with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and other ministries to promote the development of green buildings, this year the association will closely focus on the goals of promoting green technology, industrial product standardization, and manufacturing service, accelerate industrial policy research, and establish a green wood and bamboo material certification system. , To compile a guide catalog of green building materials (timber).
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The installation of building boards needs to be done step by step
The building templates of the modern era are all used for concrete construction. In order to ensure that the concrete structure can complete the structure of the temporary model of concrete pouring according to the requirements, it must also bear the horizontal and vertical loads during construction.
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When you are willing to pay more than the premium for social currency, you succeed!
Taxes for the rich: Many countries impose more taxes on the rich, and companies also impose additional fees on the rich in a certain way to earn extra money from the rich. Jeffrey Moore’s marketing theory says that when any product first enters the market, it is inevitable that it is only for a few people. Why do these few people pay for these products with low performance and high price?
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